Our Medjool dates are a perfect source of high-quality carbs and many sports enthusiasts or those who enjoy and active lifestyle, use them to fuel up before training workouts and competition. They are also great as a whole snack or a natural sweetener to your plant-based power smoothies.

  • Ready to eat anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use ingredient in any recipe
  • Naturally sweet and always delicious
  • All of the nutritional and performance benefits as whole Medjools, without the pit

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Meet Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, Muay Thai fighter and founder of healthy living website Real Food Healthy Body. After finishing high school, Lilian worked as a model while studying Law and Commerce at university. Following graduation, she secured a job at a Melbourne law firm as a corporate lawyer. While working at the firm, her interest in health and fitness developed as she searched for ways to maintain her health. This lead to her departure in 2014 to launch Real Food Healthy Body.

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RT @rungasparilla: Eating @NDmedjooldates a few hours before an endurance workout will leave you feeling energized for the duration of your…