Fuel for After School

Make easy and delicious back-to-school snacks and meals with naturally-sweet Natural Delights® Medjool dates. Look for them in your produce department! Use our Store locator to find a Natural Delights® retailer near you.

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Growing minds require good energy.

Natural Delights® Medjool dates are a naturally sweet whole, fresh fruit packed with a balance of energizing carbohydrates and fiber perfect for powering through the school day. They make a great healthy snack all by themselves! Pair them with nuts and other fruits – they're nutritious, delicious and easy to use in your back-to-school snacks and meals.

Here are a few fun recipes for you to try with your kids!

Medjool Date and Apple Sandwiches

Medjool Date and Apple Sandwiches are a great group project: you slice the apples and ask your kids to sprinkle on the toppings!

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Whole Medjool Date, Fruit, Nut and Cheese Plate/Box

This on-the-go snack pack is endlessly customizable and can be assembled by little ones with ease.

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Loaded Toast with Berries

Start the day off on the right foot with Loaded Toast with Berries! Prep Medjool date paste over the weekend and your child can pick from their favorite berries to top the toast all week long.

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PB and Date Star Sandwich

Who needs jelly when you have naturally sweet Medjool dates? PB and Medjool Date Star Sandwiches will be a fast favorite of any picky eater.

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Sugar Swap

Replace Processed Sugar From Your Diet With Medjool Dates!